3D Graphic Design in Barcelona. Innovation through design and technique

On this page you will find a showreel of selected recent work in render 3D Barcelona. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it! My working philosophy is to mix design and the latest 3D techniques to obtain the best possible results when it comes to image. My services include 3D Graphic Design, 3D Product visualization and realistic 3D. Each of these services employ the latest in modelling, lighting, texturing and rendering, using the most innovative software tools available.

3D Still Life by Ismael Mensa. Studio, specialized in 3D Graphic Design
3D Graphic Design in Barcelona. Innovation through design and technique.
3D Graphic Design in Barcelona.
Rendering of a 3d model from a Still-Life-3D-Render

On this page you will find my work in 3D Graphic Design

A space in which to showcase a selection of noteworthy projects utilizing the most cutting edge and relevant 3D graphic design techniques of the moment.

The highlighted work features images chosen from work in advertising or 3D design; commissioned compositions, as well as personal projects undertaken in order to advance my creativity and investigation into image.

In the Works section, you will find a selection of complete projects. To find out more about my work in 3D Graphics, follow this link.

If you have any questions about this work or if you require a tailored estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Particles and geometry made with C4D
3D rendering and visualization

3D Graphic Design service, tailored to the client

Every render I create for my clients is designed for and adapted to their specific needs. Every project begins with a clear, step by step outline of how best to respond to the clients requirements, following a classic design process that can be adapted to any necessity: whether this is a 3D product design, spatial rendering or an interior. In the same way, given the complexity of design tools available and the very different results that can be achieved, clients can count on my technical knowledge of the market, and rest assured that I can select and use the correct tools for each project.

The following selection of images highlight the importance of 3D geometric shapes in each render, creating higher image quality and an attention-grabbing result for the final product.

The future of PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERS / 3D Graphic Study
A project focused on digital composition and 3D rendering.
Ismael Mensa illustration 3D freelance Barcelona.

3D Graphic Design

Technique and aesthetics combine to center the user’s attention on the 3D model. If you’re searching for photo-realistic renders of your projects, you can count on my experience and dedication to make your ideas come to life in the best possible way.

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