3D Graphic Design in Barcelona. Innovation through design and technique

Hello, I am Ismael Mensa, an experience 3D Graphic Design based in Barcelona.
I create realistic 3d images, 3d product photography, and 3d artistic concepts using the most innovative software tools and technics available.

I work with agencies and consolidated brands.

News and latest projects

3D rendering and visualization - Barcelona 3D Study

Photogrammetry and 3D visualization

Marcel Breuer's cesca chair and 3D redesign

3D Still Life by Ismael Mensa. Studio, specialized in 3D Graphic Design

3D Objects

Still life project

Wine design project

The future of PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERS / 3D Graphic Study
3D Objects - Motion Graphic Design and 3D Still Life

Realistic 3D Rendering

Realistic 3d still life

3D Bottle

3D Rendering of alcohol bottles project

3D Graphic Design

Technique and aesthetics combine to center the user’s attention on the 3D model. If you’re searching for photo-realistic renders of your projects, you can count on my experience and dedication to make your ideas come to life in the best possible way.

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