3D Product Visualization

Project realized for 3D Product Visualization. This project was commissioned by the advertising agency Campbell Hay in London. In these images, you can see the union between a 3D product and the illustrated graphics created by the agency itself, specifically by the designer Wai Ming. It is a ping pong table built by The Art of Ping Pong, a company dedicated to the manufacture and construction of products related to this world. These renders work very well to highlight the 2D design and to be able to see the graphics integrated into the wood in the most natural way possible.

3D design can enhance any product for sale or marketing. It allows visualizing good ideas and seemingly abstract creations in a concrete and photo-realistic format before the product has been materialized.

Creation of 3d compositions for products
3D product modeling mixed with 2d graphics - 3D Product Visualization
Enlarged detail of a 3D product. 3D model of a Ping Pong table
Detail of a 3D model. Lighting and texturing with Cinema 4d and Octane render.
3D Product Visualization

Product modeling 3D

The objective of this work has been to model the product in 3D getting as close as possible to its original shape. Once I got the model, the next step has been to focus on creating textures with great detail so that the 3D model looks as close as possible to its real shape. Last but not least, the creation of scenes where the compositions had a particularly original and current visual appeal, has made the product and its modern and seductive graphics stand out.



3D Graphic: Ismael Mensa 

Art direction: Campbellhay

Design: Campbellhay


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