3D home design in Barcelona

A 3D home design project in Barcelona, consisting of an interior design created and brought to market. This was a multidisciplinary project, where I participated in every stage of the design, from blueprints to modelling, through to the creation of 3D infographics using realistic 3D interior design software. Starting with a model of the full structure of the apartment, the furniture is distributed within the space, in keeping with colours and textures. A standout element of this project was the use of 3DS Max vray render settings, whose parameters permit more realistic imaging. The Infographics were created in consultation with the client in order to achieve the aesthetic and design desired. More material related to this project can be found in the section 3D interior design price. Or upon consultation.

3D home design in Barcelona. - Render 2020
Interior design render from Barcelona - 3ds max interior render settings
Creation of 3D infographics using realistic 3D interior design software.
A standout element of this project was the use of 3DS Max vray render settings
Render de un interior en 3D. Arquitectura y interiorismo 3D
Render en interior. Cómo te ayuda? Cómo hacerlo?
Qué es un render? Trabajando con el software 3dsmax y vray
Como hacer un render interior? Arquitectura y Renders
Renders de infografía 3D en Barcelona. Diseño 3D arquitectura
Qué es una render? Interiorismo y Renders

Architecture visualitzation render

Home design 3D in Barcelona. Render 2018


Promoter: New Real State Horizon

Design and 3D: Ismael Mensa 


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