CGI Bottle

CGI project to represent a series of alcohol bottles made entirely digitally. These images are intended to show each brand in a clear and attractive way. For this, we have chosen the discipline of 3D and Rendering as a means to manipulate and enhance the most attractive parts of the bottles.

Fully photorealistic alcohol bottle
CGI bottle rendering on my website
Specialist in 3d bottle renderings - Project that shows the images made digitally.
CGI - Modeling and rendering of alcohol bottle
3D Bottle Modeling in C4D & Octane Render - CGI
3d digital representation of an alcohol bottle - Cinema 4D and Octane Render
Detail rendering of a bottle glass in 3D
Bottle representation in rendering - Cinema 4D and Octane Render
Photorealistic bottle renderings
CGI Bottle Design - Photo-Realistic alchool bottles
CGI bottles
Clay Render
CGI Clay Render
CGI & Retouching
3D model and rendering of a bottle.
Rendering and 3D model of bottle and its packaging
Photo product rendering of bottles
CGI Visual Bottle

Photo-Realistic alcohol bottles

All this project has been worked with 3D Cinema 4D software. The lighting and texturing have been done with Octane Render and post-production with Photoshop. The project was done and is managed entirely by the agency Optopus.


3D Graphic: Ismael Mensa 

Art Direction:


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