Product design an 3D particle compositions

This project is focused on product design, mixed with 3D particle images generated using the X-Particle 3D modelling software. The 3D compositions featured are based on alcohol bottles, allowing us to play with reflections and refractions in the final 3D model. This project involves a strong focus on the use of light, with the final models also featuring integrated graphic design. In this project we can observe the final images of a 3D product design, showcasing the quality of the retouching and the level of detail we can reach. The free 3D model is available to download below.

Still-life-3d-model. 3D Product rendering
Particles and geometry made with C4D
Composition of X-Particles with C4D model and illuminated with octane render
X-Particles composition
Modeling product details in 3D. Ismael Mensa 3D Graphic Design
3D product detail made with c4d and octane render
Bottle cap made with C4D
3D still life retouched with adobe. Product Design
3D Product Modeling Services
Photographic product made in 3d.
Product design an 3D particle compositions.
Project we can observe the final images of a 3D product rendering
3D particle images generated using the X-Particle

3D Product Design

Personal project 2020


Design and 3D: Ismael Mensa 

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