3D Cosmetic Render

Cosmetics project made entirely in 3D. These images were designed from scratch by me. The product designs and graphic designs were created to achieve a good harmony and integration in the images. In this case, the functionality was not the most important part but the visual harmony and graphic compositions were the most important.

For this I used Cinema 4D as a base software, modeling in an organic way all the products. I have also worked with photoshop once rendered the images to balance and give quality to the colors and lighting. I have also used other softwars to open the UVW and design the labels, but in this case they have not been so important.

3D cosmetic still life - Octane Render
3d cosmetic composition
Imagnes created with Cinema 4d and octane rendering
Cosmetic design and 3d rendering

3D Cosmetics

These renders and compositions were created for the studio and agency Optopus.     


3D Graphic: Ismael Mensa 

Art direction: Optopus


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