Cesca chair and 3D redesign

Recently, I modeled Marcel Breuer Cesca chair with unsurpassed attention to detail, recreating all the original colors and shapes. After that, I took inspiration from this iconic chair and created my own unique design. With Redshift, I achieved a high-quality rendering that perfectly captures the essence of the redesigned chair.

3D chair modeler and designer
3D redesign of the Cesca chair. Modeling and texturing in cinema 4D
Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair in 3D, for a quality and stylish experience
Experience the elegance of Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair in 3D
Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair, reborn in 3D with realistic details
Cesca 3D Rendering
Cesca Chair by Marcel Breuer in 3D - High quality rendering and detail
Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair in detail: textured and rendered in 3D
Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair: quality in your hands in 3D version
Marcel Breuer's Cesca Chair, a design classic now in 3D
3D redesign of the Cesca chair
Cinema 4D 2023 software with Redshift
Composition and retouching in photoshop. Layers and effects at a glance

A unique approach to the perfect recreation of the Cesca chair

My approach to the 3D rendering of the Cesca chair is unique. I have modeled every detail of this iconic chair to perfection and then applied my own style to create a unique and appealing design. With my redshift knowledge, I have achieved a realistic and accurate visual representation that perfectly captures the essence of this iconic chair. Come and discover my work for yourself!


3D Graphic Designer: Ismael Mensa 

Art Direction: Ismael Mensa


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