3D Particles

Project focused on the elaboration of digital images, created and formed from 3D Particles. In this case, the project is created particularly with the X-Particles engine, one of the most competitive and well-known software in the visual effects sector. With the software we can create fragmentation, explosions, smoke, fluids, or fire within the immense possibilities that it offers us. The main idea of the project is to generate compositions, in some cases generating the geometry with the same software and in others capturing the particles to shape the images. From here, the work is based on applying a good chromatic combination and illuminating the entire scene with good detail.

Graphic composition composed with 3D particles
3D Particles / Particle generation and rendering service
Digital composition created with x-particles and cinema 4d

Render 3D Particles

It is very common to find these techniques, in the world of advertising or film 3D visual effects. Nowadays, more and more we can enjoy these tools thanks to the commercialization and popularity of these 3D particle engines, together with the growth and standardization of hardware.

Another section that I want to work on in this section are the moving particles, animating and rendering the scenes to be able to see another perspective in my work.
If you are interested in seeing more content on this subject, you can search in the 3d works section and you will find that the use of these techniques is common in my portfolio both with personal projects and with orders adapted to the client.


Design and 3D: Ismael Mensa

Personal project 2021


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